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Why Whole Fruit Fermentation

Why Whole Fruit Fermentation

Why whole fruit? 

Three big reasons.

First, we like the way it tastes!

Second, the skins hold most of the antioxidant properties that we want to end up in the bottle, so it’s important to allow the yeast to interact with the skins.

And, third, the skins also have nutrients that yeasts need for a healthy fermentation, so instead of adding laboratory yeast nutrient we just feed the yeast good old fashioned whole fruit.  

How it’s done: We freeze our berries to help break down the cell structure. Then we ferment whole blueberries with juice and in this case a blend of cranberry, apple and a touch of grape to get a well-balanced wine.  The apple juice creates a balanced base for the cranberry and blueberry to shine. The grape naturally lowers the the pH to create a more stable wine.