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Brought to you by the letter B

Brought to you by the letter B

Naming a Business isn’t easy! 



We get the question a lot…..How did you come up with the name Botanist and Barrel? 

As I was driving home from visiting my Brother after the Birth of his newborn Baby, I was thinking about the significance of all kinds of Births, including the Beginning of our Business, i.e . the Birth of Botanist and Barrel. How we came up with the name is a frequent question. There’s no grand story. Just a lot of Brainstorming. We like alliterations. We wanted a name that would pique interests, and describe the way we view the world and our role in it. We wanted a name that left room for playfulness and flexibility. The words winery and cidery were out. We knew we wanted to Barrel age.  Ever since I started farming I started observing and studying plants (the definition of a Botanist), so from a long, long, list, the words Botanist and Barrel made the short list. Once we married together them it clicked.  It said everything we wanted.  We are farmers, we study and love plants, we play with flavors and barrel age many of our creations.

We love the name and we hope you do to! 

Kether Smith, Farmer & Cidermaker

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