experimental farmhouse ciders and wild ferments


special releases


Sour Raspberry Sea Salt Bourbon barrel

Think gose.

good neighbors

Muscadine cider like you've never had before.

Cranberry Sparkling

Bottle Conditioned.

hip hop

.....and you dont stop



1. an abstract but perceptible thing that issues or originates from a source.
The emanation series focuses on minimalistic intervention, letting the fruit do the work.

Emanation APPLE

Our house cider is a blend of traditional cider and eating apples with notes of stone fruit and tropics. Clean and tart finish.

Apples on the Hops

Dry hopped with NC grown Canadian Red Vine Hops. Lemony upfront with an herbaceous finish.


Our house cider fermented with lemon and orange zest. Perfectly bitter and balanced.



  1. the process or result of joining two or more things together to form a single entity.
The fusion series is all co-fermentation and whole fruit fermentation whenever possible (which is a lot).

Fusion Sour Rhubarb Cider

Rhubarb at its finest.

Fusion Sour Cranberry Cider

Cranberry and blueberry notes.

Fusion Sour Raspberry Cider

Bright raspberry with clean tart finish.

Tart Blueberry Cider

Drinks like a spanish garnache rose.



 1. secret or illegal cooperation or conspiracy, especially in order to cheat or deceive others.
The collusion series is all about barrels.  The aging process in barrels influences the fruit with tannins to create a richer mouthfeel as well as imparting additional flavors.  

Collusion whiskey barrel

Creamy and smooth.

Collusion tequila barrel

Tropical notes with a touch of smoke and hint of sweetness.

Collusion rum barrel

Limited release

Collusion Brandy barrel

Limited release.

Collusion bourbon barrel

Vanilla and cream.

Collusion Cranberry Bourbon Barrel

Last Call...almost gone!

Collusion Cranberry Bourbon Maple Syrup Barrel

Vanilla and maple!

Collusion Rhubarb Bourbon Maple Syrup Barrel

Tart balanced with subtle sweetness.